For Mold Removal In Pittsburgh Call Us Immediately

If you have a building that is infested with mold contamination, then it is imperative for you to contact our mold remediation Pittsburgh, Pa., experts for assistance. At Pittsburgh Water Restoration, our technicians are able to remove mold from a variety of surfaces to restore a building to its previous condition. When a building is flooded with water from a rainstorm or snowmelt, make sure to contact us right away to have the moisture suctioned from carpets and drywall to prevent mold growth. Alternatively, if a building is already contaminated with mold, then call our company before the problem gets worse.

We Use the Best Equipment and Cleansers to Eliminate Mold

We use top-of-the-line equipment and cleansers to remove the dangerous mold from a building so that our customers are not exposed to dangerous toxins that can cause respiratory distress. There are numerous signs that a building has hidden mold, including smelling a musty odor. Some species of mold can cause significant health problems such as damaging your brain’s cognitive abilities. In some cases, you will notice slimy or fuzzy mold growing in a building near its plumbing fixtures or windows.

Don’t Try to Remove Mold With Household Cleansers

Cleaning mold on your own is not recommended because the tiny spores are difficult to get rid of with household chemicals such as bleach. While you are washing away the visible mold, you are exposed to more contamination, or you may make the mold spread throughout the rest of a building. Our technicians understand how to seal off certain areas in a building to avoid spreading the spores into new areas. We also wear protective gear such as breathing masks, goggles, and gloves to prevent illness.

We Use Sump Pumps and Circulating Fans to Remove Moisture

After our customers leave a contaminated building, we get to work by learning why a building is infested with mold. Mold requires moisture, humidity, and darkness to grow, and if your home has a leaking roof or plumbing fixtures, then it is essential to repair these problems. Our technicians will install dehumidifiers to reduce the humidity inside a building, and we also remove mold from hidden spaces such as a building’s ductwork. When a building has been flooded by the water from a nearby lake, we use sump pumps and circulating fans to get rid of the filthy water.

Our Certified Technicians Can Remove Hidden Mold

If a building has been exposed to a lot of moisture for several hours, then it needs extensive remediation that can include using extraction machines to suction water from floors, walls, and ceilings. Our technicians can remove water-soaked carpets and padding from building to wash away the mold that is growing underneath these items. We will use industrial-strength machines to suction the water from a building’s baseboards. If the drywall is damaged, then we can remove the material to dry the underlying insulation and electrical wires.