Storm Damage Restoration In Pittsburgh

Storms can come up suddenly and go away just as quickly. Occasionally a storm drops in that leaves a path of complete destruction in its wake. Our company understands this, and we are prepared to take on the biggest storms and win.

Types Of Storms

There can be a multitude of damages left after a violent storm. Flooding can become an issue in certain areas. If rains linger for days, the flooding can spread to areas that typically don’t see flooding.

Lightening is associated with storms. A lightening strike can hit a home and cause intense damage including fires. The aftermath of a fire can be devastating.

In Pittsburgh, we often see snow storms or blizzards. This can cause damage to a property due to snow and ice sitting for long periods or melting and causing damage.

There can also be wind damage to your home or business. The wind can tear siding off, blow out windows and wreak havoc on any home or business in its path.

Damage Homes And Businesses Endure

When a storm strikes, any or all types of damage can occur to a home or business. Carpets and other flooring can be ruined by flood waters. Windows, shingles or doors may have to be replaced due to excessive wind. Fires can leave everything destroyed depending on the magnitude and how soon the fire was extinguished. In this case, flooring needs replacing, soot needs to be cleaned from walls and ceilings and smoke and smog can also make its way into hidden areas of the property.

If water sits in areas too long, mold can develop. Wood can also rot, or parts of the property can rust. Companies not only endure damage to the building but to equipment, as well. There can also be serious health risks involved.

Help Is Here

If you have been in a storm and find yourself with damage, we can help. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to handle any type of storm damage. We’ve been servicing the Pittsburgh area for years and know the damage that occurs to property.

We’ll come in, assess the damage and provide a quote that is reasonable and affordable. We have sensors and probes that allow us to determine the unseen damage that could cause serious problems later. We’ll immediately get to work restoring your property as it was before the storm occurred.


When Mother Nature unleashes her fury, you need storm damage restoration Pittsburgh style. Give us a call 24/7, and our team will be out right away. We’ll provide your quote quickly and as accurately as possible and have the damage repaired right away so you can get life going again.

Our professionals understand what it’s like to have this happen, and we’ll treat you like family and ensure that your property is clean and safe to return to. Give us a call today and let us bring the sunshine back into your life.